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Introducing MAROC's Youth Club, MY Club - a new program specially designed to actively engage our youth in our community and at home, making them well-rounded and productive members of our society.


MAROC Youth Club provides youth between the age of 13 and 21 a positive and safe environment with a variety of activities geared toward personal development and leadership.  This program will provide workshops and activities that will channel inner creativity, help promote a successful transition to adulthood, and prepare youth for the work field.

My Club Benefits

The youth who participate in MY Club will achieve the following skills and goals:


  • Interpersonal skills such as: ability to build trust, handle conflicts, value differences, listen attentively, and communicate effectively

  • Increased self-esteem and enhanced identity development

  • Quality relationship with adults and peers

  • Ability to influence others

  • Ability to engage in the community in a positive manner

  • Sense of purpose

  • Personal responsibility

  • Develop skills that help transition to high school, college and professional life

  • Be prepared to enter the workforce

The goals of MY Club can be summarized in five elements, referred to as “KNOWS”: 




Work; and


5 Elements.png

My Club  Reward  Program

MY Club will reward participants based on the following activities:

Educational Activities (15 points per activity).


Recreational Activities (10 points per activity).


Project Planning: This includes organizing events, conferences and contacting schools and places with fun activities (10 points per project planning).


Miscellaneous: This will include initiatives such as book reading, behavior at home, physical activities, prayers on time and good grades (60 points per quarter - parents will communicate the initiatives to us after each quarter).


Academic achievements: (up to 15 points per quarter - more information to follow). 

Career Day and Presidential Debate

Each participant will be awarded points based on their involvement in the above activities. The participant can reach 2 milestones in one year and including a third milestone is pending discussion. For example:


  • Upon reaching 100 points, the participant will receive a gift card of $25.

  • The second milestone will be reached after accumulating 250 points and will entitle the person to receive $50.

  • Once the 375 points is reached, a surprise gift waits the lucky MyClub member.

So join us!

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