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Weekend  School  Program

MAROC offers a weekend school for its members. Courses offered are designed for kids ages 5 -12.

Our mission is to be able to make our children truly deserving of the wisdom and graces bestowed by Allah. That they flourish in faith, be abundant in love, be respectful of themselves, their parents, their brothers and sisters and the community they live in.


We want our youth to be exemplary Muslims in their thoughts, words and deeds. Be able to speak, think and behave as true Muslims. There is no other and better way to realize these aspirations than to start within our community and develop a school program that speaks of what we truly believe in - the devotion, praise and glory to Allah - through our little and young Muslim brothers and sisters.


A school program founded by community volunteers who are moved to teach, recite to, play with and nurture our kids. Using only but our sheer and genuine desire to share what we know best; our dedication to mold our children of today to the teachings of our Prophet and be deserving of paradise, inshallah.


Without any expectation of rewards here but of the pleasure of Allah; with only the greatest of joy and happiness in our hearts and minds, that we are able to share, help and become a part of a noble but tedious, overwhelming at times, but fulfilling task of bringing our children closer to the embrace and love of Allah.

We do not see any cause worthier than these...

Weekend  School  Courses



(5-12) years old

Quran classes offers lectures, activities, homeworks and exams designed for every age group.


Topics include:


Islam as a way of life

Prayers (the five daily prayers, the Jumuah and the Eid prayers)



Life of the Prophet


Islamic Studies. sign up at

الدراسات الإسلامية


We cover several areas of Islamic Studies and present and adapt these learnings for kids easy understanding


Topics include:







General etiquette relating to different areas and situation of our lives as Muslims.


Learn Arabic Classes. Sign up now at mym

دروس العربية


Arabic Classes teach kids to read, write and speak Arabic. Beginners and advanced students are welcomed and will be accommodated at a level they are suited with. Prospective students will undergo screening tests to determine the level of proficiency



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