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Join us!


MAROC is an organization dedicated to helping and organizing the Moroccan community in the New York - New Jersey area.


By joining MAROC and becoming a member, you engage in helping in and contributing to the progress of our community.



We need each member's contribution either through their time or monetary donations.


We need the dedication of each volunteer to achieve our goals in any project, event or activitiy we undertake.

We need every member to share their time, talent, energy, skills and financial contributions ( that your resources will allow) to make our own organization active, alive and effective in driving our goals and achieving success in our initiatives.


Join Us!

*Whenever you are ready, please feel free to sign up. Any questions, please contact us anytime. 

Membership Fee:  Individual - $10/month



  • The right to vote for Board members

  • The chance to be responsible and elected at the top level of MAROC organisation


  • Increase your ability to reach and serve the Moroccan community

  • Build and share your knowledge 


  • Develop leadership skills


  • Get pricing discounts on events organized by MAROC


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