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Youth Rewards Program

As a participant of My Club - a youth-oriented program within our Moroccan-American community, several events are held each year for a  participant to accumulate points and be rewarded.

The events below are canceled due to Covid -19. We will resume as soon as it is possible, inshallah.



Date: TBA


Arcade Games and more. We let participants compete, play and have fun!


Date: TBA

Career Day

Featuring guest speakers from different fields and industries, hoping that this event will guide participants in choosing a career in the future.


Date: TBA

Understanding Stock Market  + Visit to the New York Stock Exchange

Organized and led by Khalid Essafi. An exciting opportunity to learn about the stock market and visit the New York Stock Exchange.


Date: TBA


Spend a day of fun and paintball and how teambuilding and team spirit work!

MY  Club Participants

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