Welcome to MAROC, one of the longest standing non-profit organizations in New Jersey. At MAROC, we always strive to accommodate the needs of our community by providing world class, diversified services. Our board and executive members are constantly striving to ensure that we remain at the forefront of the non-profit by stressing that our members’ experience is always the first priority. Our goals remain unchanged, but the way we address the world around us has evolved to meet the changing circumstances. We have created partnerships with other organizations in order to mobilize the best possible resources and skills and to deliver them in the most timely and efficient manner.



MAROC would not have reached its level of success without the commitment and the passion of its members and the entire elected body, whose pursuit for excellence is evident in the services we provide. This commitment translated to our association's  improved performance, reinforced its status and accomplished many important milestones.



For years, the Moroccan American has been speculating about the future – when will it come? What will it bring? How will we adapt? Well, the time for speculation has passed. The future is now, and MAROC members are leading the charge. If you are ready to stop talking about the future and start making it happen, then we urge you to join us and become either a member of MAROC or just an active individual of the Moroccan American community.



For years, the Moroccan Americans have been demanding an organization that bridges cultures and builds communities. When will it come? What will it bring? How will it adapt? These questions should no longer be asked because we are here for them and MAROC members are blazing the trail. If you are ready to make this happen, then we urge you to join us and become either a member of MAROC and/or be an active individual of the Moroccan American community who really cares.       



On behalf of myself and my colleagues, I would like to thank MAROC’s respected members for their continued trust and support. You are our most important and greatest asset. We could not have accomplished our goals without you.



 Best Regards,


Abdelmajid Fouad

MAROC -Moroccan-American Association in the NY-NJ Area. Join Now!


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