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We invite everyone in the New York and New Jersey area and nearby states to join MAROC. It is an organization that wants to be active in welcoming new ones to our fold and join us in our activities; to be able to adapt a new life in the United States. It helps when you see someone familiar, who understands and know how it is to be an outsider-looking in.

Those who have been here long enough, why not become more relevant and participate in our activities? Volunteer, donate your time, energy and skills in helping our fellow Moroccan-Americans. So that they become socially engaged, physically active and contribute something significant to our community. You can choose how and where you want to help.

For the professionals, there are lots of areas we would like your assistance - in developing academic and skills training programs for the youth, for holding job fairs, giving advice to prospective employees and those seeking out livelihood, in treating the sick and elderly during our free clinics and there are so much more activities we could think of that could benefit everyone in our community.

We actively seek out your presence, time and effort to be a part of our community. Please join us.


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